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Dr. Vijay K. Kuchroo

Webinar: New Checkpoint Molecules That Regulate Anti-Tumor Immunity

Dr. Vijay K. Kuchroo of Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute describes using RNA and protein expression profiling at single-cell resolution to identify a module of co-inhibitory receptors, which includes not only several known co-inhibitory receptors (PD-1, Tim-3, Lag-3, and TIGIT), but also a number of novel surface receptors. This enabled functionally validating a number of novel co-inhibitory receptors not previously associated with T cell dysfunction. Studies with a number of “novel” co-inhibitory molecules in regulating anti-tumor immunity and autoimmunity will also be presented.


  • What is the mechanism by which T cells are inhibited from inducing anti-tumor immunity?
  • Why doesn’t the “checkpoint” blockade induce complete anti-tumor immune response and tumor regression in all patients?
  • What are the soluble factors produced by T cells that inhibit anti-tumor immunity?


Bonus Video: Additional Q&A With Dr. Vijay Kuchroo:

Due to great interest in this talk, many submitted questions weren’t answered during the webinar. Dr. Kuchroo graciously answered these questions in a follow-up session.